Close up of a manual car shift knob

In our previous blog, we started to give you what you would expect to experience, smell or hear if your transmission is taking a turn for the worst. If you still aren’t convinced that you need to come in and visit with our transmission specialist in Kearny Mesa, then the continuance of these signs will help you decide otherwise. Here are additional signs that your transmission is about to throw in the towel for good.

  • Starting to slip? When you put your car in gear, does it stay in gear, or does it seem to always slip out of place? Your automobile should be staying in gear until you shift, and if it doesn’t, not only is this dangerous, but it is a sign that your transmission is going out.
  • Tired of dragging? Dragging is an annoying thing that most inexperienced drivers can experience. However, if you are experienced when it comes to driving and your clutch is dragging and you are getting caught with that nasty noise of grinding because your clutch isn’t disengaging when it should be, your transmission could be fading.
  • Have you sprung a leak? Nobody likes leaks, especially when it comes to transmission fluid. No matter if your car is a manual or automatic, transmission leaks are deadly for your car. Your car simply cannot run without transmission fluid and finding even drops of it in your garage or on your driveway are a sure sign of a problem.

We aren’t done yet! Schedule an appointment if you’re convinced that your car has a transmission problem that needs to be repaired at our shop today. If you’re not quite as convinced as you would like to be when it comes to your transmission needing repair, look out for our next blog for the final signs of transmission trouble.