Close up of a very clean car engine block

In Kearny Mesa there are plenty of cars and roads to drive them on. Taking a cruise around town could be a daily ritual that you do to take your mind off of things and relax. If you love to drive, but you’ve been noticing some troubling signs that your transmission is going out, you need our transmission specialist at Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission. You may not have a clue on what to expect when your transmission is screaming at you that it needs a repair, and that is why we will be going over the signs that your transmission is going out.

Warning Signs

  • Is your car refusing to get into gear? No matter what your driving abilities are, if you have a foot pedal or gearshift that is sticky, your transmission could be refusing your request.
  • What’s that smell? Do you seem to smell a burning odor? If you do, there is a chance that it isn’t just oil that is burning, it could be transmission fluid! This smell isn’t very sweet and it is an indication that you are actually overheating your transmission.
  • Are you hearing things? Every car is going to have squeaks, but if your car or truck seems to make bumping sounds while the shifter is in neutral, it’s time to go see your transmission specialist.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will be giving your more sure signs that you need transmission repair in Kearny Mesa! To schedule your transmission repair with our shop today, contact us now!