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You’re driving down the street, but you have a constant death grip on the steering wheel. Now it isn’t icy out, and you aren’t in a street race, so why do you have such a tight grip on the steering wheel? Because if you let go of it, your car pulls hard to one side when it is not firmly held in place. This could be to the left or to the right, as it is a pain regardless. You may be wondering why your car is doing this.

Here at Kearny Mesa Automotive And Transmission, we help consumers fix their troubles associated with an unruly car. This is anything from the inside out. Read on to learn more about why your car may be pulling from side to side, and be sure to contact us with any automotive issues you may be facing!

Wheel Alignment

One of the most common reasons that a car will pull to the side is because the wheels are out of alignment. This typically happens from forceful impacts with various objects, including dreaded potholes. Improper wheel alignment is often associated with various symptoms, including an uneven tread wear, crooked steering wheel (it is slanted when you are driving straight), and even tires that squeal. If you have noticed these issues while driving, it is important to take care of the issue before it continues to persist, as it can do extended damage to your vehicle’s integrity. When going in for a tire alignment, the mechanic will adjust your wheels, your tires, and your suspension so that everything is in accordance with manufacturer specifications. The result will be a smooth ride, an upright steering wheel, and a car that consistently drives in the right direction!

Tire Pressure

A much simpler reason for your car to be driving off kilt is uneven tire pressure. If one or more tires are over or under-inflated, the car might lean to one side or the other, causing a heaving motion of instability. If your tires are consistently the wrong pressure, it can lead to more serious alignment issues down the road. It is important to make sure your tire pressure levels are checked before you assume the wheels are out of alignment because it is potentially a quick and easy fix that you can complete on your own.

Pro-Tip: If you do not know what the correct tire pressure is supposed to be for your vehicle, simply open the driver door and read the labels along the edge. They almost all will have correct tire pressure charts for ease and access.


While it is not as common for brakes to cause a pull in your vehicle, it is definitely possible. A stuck caliper is the main cause of this, as calipers apply pressure to engage your brakes. A stuck one will put uneven pressure and cause potential pull. Even if your brakes are not the cause for the pull, if you ever have issues with your brakes, get them checked out! It is important for you and every other driver on the road.

Tire Alignment With Kearny Mesa Automotive And Transmission

Fixing your alignment on your vehicle is easy with us, as we provide dedicated, honest, and reliable car maintenance for a variety of issues. Be sure to get your car checked by us, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any issues that may pop up with your vehicle!