Image Of Engine Light

Hopefully, you’re finding this series of blogs all at once, and have not waited 3 weeks to determine whether or not the leak in your car is listed in our blog post. If the liquid that you have been trying to identify hasn’t been any of the ones that we’ve mentioned thus far into the series, there are still a few other liquids in your vehicle that could be leaking. We are going to cover two more liquids that could possibly be leaking from your vehicle and require pretty immediate repairs.

Power Steering Fluid

Turning the steering wheel of your car is something that is pretty necessary when it comes to driving, and in order for it to move swiftly, it needs to have power steering fluid. When your car is low on power steering fluid, you’ll notice that it quickly becomes increasingly difficult to turn. There are also cars that use automatic transmission fluid that provides the same results. If you are seeing a red stain under your car or a yellow liquid with medium thickness, chances are that it is your power steering fluid that is leaking. You can double check this by driving and making note of how difficult it is to turn your car’s steering wheel.

Windshield Wiper Solvent

We’ve all seen this blue fluid shoot out when we clean our windows last minute. While we are used to a blue fluid, it can also be bought in orange and green, making it a little more difficult to immediately identity. This particular fluid is extremely thin and can look similar to water when noticed on the ground. This leak, in particular, isn’t’ going to be extremely serious, but requires a check of the wiper fluid reservoir for any cracks. This repair is necessary in order to keep your windshield clean but doesn’t have to be done immediately.

If you are still having a tough time deciphering what it is that is leaking from your car, stop by your automotive repair shop in Kearny and let our team of professionals determine what type of leak it is and how we can repair your car so that it’s working as best as it could be.