Image Of Transmission Fluid Refill

In our last blog post, we covered a few different liquids that could be leaking from your car and how you can best identify them. While the chances of it being either of those liquids is a possibility, they are not the only liquids that leak from vehicles and aren’t necessarily the ones that are leaking from your vehicle. The team of professional mechanics at our local auto repair shop have built on the list of liquids that may very well be leaking from your vehicle.

Brake Fluid

One of the parts of a vehicle that people rarely correlate with liquid are the breaks. While it may seem like an unlikely part to be leaking, brake fluid is one of the more common leaks that we see. Yellowish in color, brake fluid can usually be found under your car or behind your tires, where your breaks are. The reason that your brake system leaks is because of the hydraulic pressure system that it needs to run. In the instance that your car is, in fact, leaking brake fluid, it’s best to have your vehicle towed to the nearest automotive repair shop. The lack of pressure from a brake fluid leak could lead to brake failure, increasing the risk of driving.

Transmission Fluid

Your car’s transmission is one of the most expensive repairs that you can make, and because of that, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re conscious of any repairs or replacements that your transmission may need. If the liquid that you’re noticing has been leaking from your car is red in color (it can be both light and dark red), then it may be transmission fluid that’s leaking from your car. This liquid is nearly as thick as oil, making it a little easier to identify. Without it, your car will have a difficult time shifting gears and the transmission will likely overheat. The longer that this leak goes uncared for, the more expensive the repairs can become.

Still not sure if it’s one of these liquids that’s leaking from your car? We aren’t done listing the most common fluids to leak from vehicles, so make sure to check back in the next couple of weeks so that we can cover just a few more possibilities. As always, make sure to drop your vehicle off at the most trusted mechanic in Kearny when it’s in need of a repair. Call us today and let us help you out with your automotive repairs.