Across the board, we can all agree that unexpected car repairs are the worst. They’re inconvenient, frustrating and more often than not, pretty expensive. While flat tires and broken headlights are annoying, there are few auto repairs as frustrating as your car’s transmission. Not only is this a frustrating repair, it’s an inconvenient one. Your car is entirely undrivable, and you’re left having to figure out a way to get around until it can be repaired. What makes it worse is that this is one of the more expensive repairs that you could make.

Though expensive, this repair is entirely necessary, so what is that makes transmission repair so incredibly expensive?

Transmissions Are Complex

The transmission of a modern day car consists of hundreds of pieces. Each individual piece needs to be working in order for the transmission to work, so during a repair of a transmission, each individual part is removed. Each part is then cleaned and inspected in order to determine if that is the reason that the piece is not working. If there are any damaged or worn pieces, they are replaced and then the transmission is put back together. The time and work this alone takes, is one of the reasons that transmission repair is so expensive.

Computers Control It All

Once your transmission has been taken apart, cleaned and reconstructed, it needs to be reinstalled. Transmissions for the modern car are all controlled by computers, which means that an issue with the transmission could also derive from the computer system. Analyzing this takes a while because there are so many reasons that any issues could be occurring.

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