Close up of a manual car shift knob

What duties do you have to complete each day? Do you have to drop your kids off at school, go to work, pick up dinner on your way home, and grab your kids from soccer practice? That’s a busy day in Kearny Mesa! Now imagine trying to complete all of these duties without your vehicle. We understand that it’s a nightmare even thinking about having a broken down car, which is why your transmission repair specialists are here to give you signs that your transmission may be on its way out.

Being in Neutral Shouldn’t Be Noisy!

Is your car’s transmission becoming noisy? No matter if noise is happening when your car is in neutral or while shifting gears, noise is no good! If your ears are hearing noises from the transmission while it’s working, that is a clear signal that something is going wrong.

Are Gears Slipping?

Gears don’t slip unless your car’s transmission is starting to go out. Although this is unnerving to experience and it could potentially be dangerous, it’s important to know that this issue is something that could be resolved.

Having your transmission go out on you can be an intimidating problem that you won’t expect to happen, but the fact of the matter is that it might! Stay prepared and know the warning signs of your transmission going out by reading our previous posts. Contact our transmission repair specialists in Kearny Mesa now to have your car properly diagnosed.