TrImage Of a Transmission Fluid Change

Last time, we talked about the fluids in your car and the effect they could have on your trip to Grandma’s house this holiday season. At Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission we want all of our customers and neighbors to have a worry-free holiday season filled with family and friends. The last thing you want to worry about is your car when out shopping or enjoying your time off. With over 30 years in the business, Kearny Mesa Automotive can help you worry less and give you confidence that your car is in top shape. Whether you bring your car in for an oil change or something much more complex, we will have out team of ASE Certified mechanics inspect your vehicle.


Previously, we talked about the importance of the fluids in your car, specifically coolant and engine oil. Two fluids that are probably the most well known among the general public, but your car has many more, all equally as important.

Transmission Fluid

As you may know, transmission fluid practically flows through our veins. After all we have been rebuilding and replacing transmissions for three decades, it only stands to reason that we choose favorites. Transmission fluid is unique in the fact that is primarily a fluid that functions as a working part of the system. A big part of the way an automatic transmission functions is the torque converter. A torque converter effectively connects the engine output power with the drivetrain and depends solely on transmission fluid to function. That’s right, your car will not move if the fluid is compromised. Now, depending on what model and make of car, truck, or SUV you drive, the fluid could have different properties, weights, and characteristics. It is incredibly important not to mix different types of transmission fluid, so leave that up to the experts, it’s messy anyway.  

When your transmission fluid ages it starts to lose its ability to provide the proper resistance on the torque converter. The fluid can become burned and aerated also. When this happens, a transmission oil change is necessary. When we do the fluid change on your transmission, part of the service includes a filter change as well. This means a bit more time than your typical oil change as it requires pulling the bottom pan off of the transmission. A transmission flush may be required at this point to remove any debris and particles from the oil passages. New fluid can make your transmission function much more efficiently and reduce wear on costly metal parts.

If it has been a few years since you have had your transmission oil looked at, contact the transmission professionals at Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission. We can have you back on the road in no time. Please be sure to check back with us next time when we look at more vehicle fluids and wear items on your vehicle. Be sure and contact us today for more information about any of our services, from oil changes to transmission rebuilds, we have you covered.