Self Driving Cars Featured Image

Self-driving cars are a hot button topic in the automotive industry. In fact, it is an issue that has taken notice of just about every facet of the transportation industry. If autonomous vehicles can prove themselves to be worthy of the hype, they have the potential to change the world. At Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission, we don’t anticipate any changes to our business when autonomous cars are available, we will just keep your car running – whether you drive it in yourself or not. For us the possibility of self-driving cars simply means that our already extremely talented, ASE Certified technicians will have to learn a bit more about autonomous systems. The automotive industry has changed drastically in the last few decades and we have always kept up with the times. Of course, we also intend on staying true to our roots by offering good, old fashioned, diagnostics and repair.

Get Ready…

The big question is, will autonomous vehicles take over the transportation needs of our country? Or will they simply become another tool that we will come to depend on? That question in itself, is much more about the emotional, ethical, and the way people “feel” about self-driving cars. There are those that say, we are going to be taken over by machines, autonomous vehicles will not be as safe on the road, and a favorite of the “car guy”, self-driving cars will make traditional cars obsolete. Regardless of your stance, this type of technology is right around the corner and it is something that all of us need to accept in one way or another.

Autonomous Ethics

Our cities are becoming packed full of people, cities like San Diego are literally bursting at the seams with new residents. This creates a problem when it comes to transportation systems, roads in particular. The more vehicles on the road, the greater potential for accidents. While this may not change much with autonomous vehicles, the argument is, getting from one place to another will be safer if you take the human out of the equation. Whenever humans are removed from technology, we get a little nervous. The possibility of a bunch of driverless cars zipping around is enough to get anyone a little nervous. But what if the actual application of this technology is much more smooth than we imagine? There are autonomous vehicles traveling the roadways of this country and nobody pays attention. Over-the-road trucks have been used to make deliveries with an engineer monitoring the progress from the driver’s seat. After all, drivers would probably flip out if they saw a semi barreling down the road without a driver.             

When Self-Driving Cars Attack

While autonomous vehicles are not exactly commonplace on the roadway, we have already seen widespread testing by companies like UBER and Google. These tests have not been without their hiccups. There have been crashes and glitches, but overall the testing seems to have been a success. Those that should worry about negative ramifications are the over-the-road truck drivers. If autonomous vehicles become the standard of the industry, there is bound to be a massive shift in the hiring patterns of trucking companies. Also, cab drivers may have a harder time finding employment. After all, every movie set up in the future generally replaces cab drivers with robots.

It’s Not So Bad

With the coming of the self-driving car, we don’t think you need to worry about human-piloted vehicles going away. We just love our cars so much that there is basically no way to replace the experience. Sure, in congested urban areas driverless cars may become the rule but in many areas of the country there will be people driving. For those of us at Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission, we will still be here and making sure you get down the road safely, whether you are driving or not. The trend of humans to relinquish control over technology is always slow to become widely accepted and the autonomous vehicle is no exception. For whatever philosophical or practical reason you have for supporting or condemning driverless cars, we are pretty sure nobody will be able to stop the progress. If your current vehicle needs attention, don’t wait until you are taking a driverless UBER to work everyday, give us a call and make an appointment, we will get you back into traffic where you belong.