Image of a yellow lab poking out of a car window

The crushing heat of summer is here and hopefully your air conditioner is working. If not, hopefully you are able to get your head out of the car, either that or pay a visit to San Diego’s finest auto repair facility, Kearny Mesa Automotive. There is nothing better for a dog than hanging his head out of the window, tongue hanging out and nose in the breeze. We all love driving with our furry friends, the ideal road trip companions. In this day and age, our dogs have become much more than simply pets, they are confidants, support animals and part of the family. More than ever, people are considering their dogs to be part of the immediate family. That is why we tend to take our dogs with us everywhere we go. While not wanting your best friend to be all alone at home without you is admirable leaving your dog at home can actually save his life. This time of year in San Diego it can get extremely hot and this poses a danger to your dog.

Keep Them Cool

While you may think that your dog will be alright in a car with the windows cracked, it is never a good idea to leave your dog in a hot car. The interior of a car on a 80 degree day can get up to 120 degrees and that is plenty hot enough to kill the animal. Think about when temperatures soar into the 100 degree range and you have a recipie for disaster. Even when the windows are cracked, the temperature inside the vehicle is going to get dangerously hot.

Dogs, unlike humans are not capable of perspiration and only are able to cool themselves through panting and through heat dissipating through their paws. This being summer, the pavement is extremely hot and can interfere with the dog’s cooling process and they can enter a state of heat stroke. Heat stroke can be deadly to your pup in a matter of minutes.

Think About It

Before you leave the house with your pup, think about what you will be doing that day and if where you are going allows dogs. If not, it is best to leave your best buddy home instead and not take the chance of having to leave them in the hot car. The best thing you can do is keep them safe at home. Stay cool out there everyone and keep your furry friends safe!