1. Tires, Alignment and Suspension 101.2

    No, 101.2 is not meant to be the call sign of the local San Diego radio station, this is the second installment of the Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission series on tires, suspension and alignment. We left off last time talking about alignments and the factors that can contribute to tire wear, and vehicle safety issues. We also covered the differences between bias ply tires and radial tires, contact patch and proper tire pressures. This time we would like to dig a little deeper in to the steering system as it relates to wheel alignment and how choosing aftermarket tires can affect the perf…Read More

  2. Why Choose Wheel Alignment?

    It can be incredibly difficult to understand why your car burns rubber like crazy. No matter if you drive one mile a day or 70 miles a day, your car’s wheels better be straight. You may think that your car will only burn rubber if you drag race, but the reality of it is that if your wheels are misaligned, your tires will wear out much faster than you anticipated. Importance of Wheel Alignment When the wheels on your vehicle are out of alignment, a multitude of problems may arise. And these problems can affect nearly any system in your car, such as the miles per gallon your car provides. When…Read More