1. Importance of Maintaining Your Transmission Fluid

    It’s hard to picture your car running without a transmission. Your transmission is one of the essential aspects of your car’s engine, an essential aspect of your car’s ability to run. Your transmission can either be automatic or manual. The transmission is to ensure that the car is given the right amount of power so wheels can be driven at a desired, given speed. A manual transmission, in simple terms, is a similar process to shifting gears on your bike. You adjust the gear shifter, and the transmission reflects that adjustment. An automatic transmission automatically knows that you are …Read More

  2. Time For A New Transmission? – Part 2

    In our last blog post we found it fitting to bring up transmission repair and the inevitable fact that sometimes the repairs that need to be taken care of are beyond repair and require replacement. While the overall replacement is expensive, it’s inevitably necessary for you to replace your transmission in order for your car to run. At Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission, we have a team of specialists that can help you determine whether or not it’s time for you to get a replacement transmission. In our last blog post we covered a few of the signs that are good cues to needing a new tra…Read More

  3. Time For A New Transmission?

    Transmission repairs are costly, in fact they’re one of the more expensive repairs that you could have to make with your car. While they are rather pricey, they’re also necessary. If you’ve been experiencing problems with your transmission or have tried to repair these issues on your own, and have not seen any results, chances are that it’s time for a new transmission. At Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission, we have a team of transmission repair specialists that are knowledgeable and experienced with transmission repairs and replacements. When asked how to know whether or not it’…Read More

  4. What Is That Makes Transmission Repairs So Expensive

    Across the board, we can all agree that unexpected car repairs are the worst. They’re inconvenient, frustrating and more often than not, pretty expensive. While flat tires and broken headlights are annoying, there are few auto repairs as frustrating as your car’s transmission. Not only is this a frustrating repair, it’s an inconvenient one. Your car is entirely undrivable, and you’re left having to figure out a way to get around until it can be repaired. What makes it worse is that this is one of the more expensive repairs that you could make. Though expensive, this repair is entirely …Read More

  5. Signs of a Troubled Transmission

    Many car owners’ worst fear is their vehicle’s transmission slipping. It can be a costly repair that should only be completed by transmission repair specialists, such as those here at Kearny Mesa Automotive. Because catching the fail before it happens is better than catching it too late, our transmission repair specialists have prepared today’s blog to provide readers with the information they need: Signs of a failing transmission. Signs Your Car’s Transmission Needs TLC Fluid Leaks Fluid leaks are an obvious sign that your car’s transmission needs to have a transmission repair speci…Read More

  6. Nobody Is Prepared For Transmission Failure

    Transmissions are one of the most important part of a car. To keep your car running well, your transmission must be in good condition. However, if your transmission is starting to show signs that it is ready to give out, you need to make sure that you have a transmission repair specialist that you can call! Hidden Cost However, there is something things about transmission repairs that you must note. With transmission repairs comes costs that nobody is prepared to pay. Transmissions are what keep your car running, so if there is an issue with yours, you can almost count on it costing a pretty p…Read More

  7. 4 Tips To Keep Your Transmission Healthy Part 2

    If you’ve been following our previous blog posts, then you already know that we have given you the first two tips on how to care for your transmission in the best way possible. These tips included making sure that your transmission fluid was never overfilled and that you must check the transmission fluid to be sure that it isn’t dirty or has a smokey smell to it. Here are more great transmission tips that our transmission repair shop in Kearny Mesa has put together for you to make sure that your car will drive reliably day in and day out. Make sure that you get your transmission flushed ev…Read More

  8. Keep Your Transmission Running Well With Our Tips

    In our previous blog post, we gave you many great clues that point to a failing transmission. If you are like many people in the area, aren’t your strong point, and that’s okay! Today we wanted to give you some tips on how you can keep your transmission from need a repair. Keep it in good standing condition for as long as you can if you are sure to follow the steps below. Make sure that you are giving your car the routine maintenance it needs! This could be getting your oil changed every three thousand miles, tires rotated every five thousand miles, and topping off all of your engine’s l…Read More

  9. Do You Need Our Transmission Specialists?

    In our previous blog, we made sure that you brought your car in for any repairs it may need before you start traveling for the holidays. One of these repairs could be on your transmission. We have transmission specialists in Kearny Mesa that aren’t like others in our surrounding area. Deciding that our local auto repair shop is for you will be easy once you know that our transmission specialists have the experience, certifications and drive to give you the outstanding repair that you’re in need of. What To Look For Do you know if it is your transmission that is acting up? Transmissions are…Read More

  10. Starting To Slip?

    In our previous blog, we started to give you what you would expect to experience, smell or hear if your transmission is taking a turn for the worst. If you still aren’t convinced that you need to come in and visit with our transmission specialist in Kearny Mesa, then the continuance of these signs will help you decide otherwise. Here are additional signs that your transmission is about to throw in the towel for good. Starting to slip? When you put your car in gear, does it stay in gear, or does it seem to always slip out of place? Your automobile should be staying in gear until you shift, an…Read More