1. Tires, Alignment and Suspension 101.2

    No, 101.2 is not meant to be the call sign of the local San Diego radio station, this is the second installment of the Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission series on tires, suspension and alignment. We left off last time talking about alignments and the factors that can contribute to tire wear, and vehicle safety issues. We also covered the differences between bias ply tires and radial tires, contact patch and proper tire pressures. This time we would like to dig a little deeper in to the steering system as it relates to wheel alignment and how choosing aftermarket tires can affect the perf…Read More

  2. Bad Unknown Tire Details

    If there’s one detail that people ignore most about their car, it’s the age of their tires. Age of tires is an important aspect of every car if you’re expecting to stay safe. Because of this, the car repair experts at Kearny Mesa Automotive have some ways that you can check tire age to reveal whether or not you need to replace your car’s wheels. Keep an Eye On Your Tires Did you know that once tires reach a certain milestone (literally), it’s time for a change? Driving can become more of a hazard each time you set foot on the gas pedal if your tires are outdated. But why? The rubber…Read More