1. Signs of a Troubled Transmission

    Many car owners’ worst fear is their vehicle’s transmission slipping. It can be a costly repair that should only be completed by transmission repair specialists, such as those here at Kearny Mesa Automotive. Because catching the fail before it happens is better than catching it too late, our transmission repair specialists have prepared today’s blog to provide readers with the information they need: Signs of a failing transmission. Signs Your Car’s Transmission Needs TLC Fluid Leaks Fluid leaks are an obvious sign that your car’s transmission needs to have a transmission repair speci…Read More

  2. Nobody Is Prepared For Transmission Failure

    Transmissions are one of the most important part of a car. To keep your car running well, your transmission must be in good condition. However, if your transmission is starting to show signs that it is ready to give out, you need to make sure that you have a transmission repair specialist that you can call! However, there is something things about transmission repairs that you must note. With transmission repairs comes costs that nobody is prepared to pay. Transmissions are what keep your car running, so if there is an issue with yours, you can almost count on it costing a pretty penny to get …Read More

  3. Benefits Of ASE Certified Technicians

    If you have been following our blog series, then you are already aware that our car repair shop has the best mechanics around. We hire only the most experienced, ASE certified technicians, so that you don’t have to worry about any of the repairs that your car needs. But how does an ASE certified technician benefit you as the motorist? ASE certified technicians can bring a lot of value to you. Not only are they competent to all repairs, minor or major, but they are required to take classes on a regular basis to keep up with the ever changing market that cars bring. Choosing an ASE certified t…Read More

  4. Choose An ASE Certified Technician

    Finding a great auto technicians can be a difficult thing. You need to make sure that they have all their ducks in a row and that they can solve all of the problems that your car has handed you. Repair shops in Kearny Mesa can be an intimidating thing, but if you have an ASE certified technician available, you won’t have to worry about finding a good technician. Finding a good technician is one of the many reasons why people wait so long to have their car diagnosed and repaired. You don’t want to hand your car off to just anyone. Deciding to make an appointment for a repair on your car at …Read More

  5. Most Common Car Repairs Part 2

    Car repairs happen all too often, and if you are worried that you car is on the verge of going on the fritz, then you should know what some of the most common local auto repairs are here in Kearny Mesa. We’ve already mentioned to you that brakes, oil changes, coolant system, tires and ignition system repairs are all very common. Here are more that you should be keeping an eye out for. Electrical System- An electrical system repair could mean everything from a lamp bulb in the cabin to issues, like a blown fuse. Although those seem simple, there are also serious issues that could happen. Visi…Read More

  6. Most Common Car Repairs

    Car repair happens more often than you may think. Just because your car isn’t in your local auto repair shop in Kearny Mesa on a regular basis, doesn’t mean that your friends and others in the area aren’t. Car repair is something that must happen if you don’t take care of your car often enough. So, today we will be giving you the most common repairs done at most auto repair shops in the area. Brakes- When was the last time your brakes were checked? One of the most common repairs done has to do with your brakes, whether that be some minor repair work or replacing the brake pads, brake w…Read More

  7. 4 Tips To Keep Your Transmission Healthy Part 2

    If you’ve been following our previous blog posts, then you already know that we have given you the first two tips on how to care for your transmission in the best way possible. These tips included making sure that your transmission fluid was never overfilled and that you must check the transmission fluid to be sure that it isn’t dirty or has a smokey smell to it. Here are more great transmission tips that our transmission repair shop in Kearny Mesa has put together for you to make sure that your car will drive reliably day in and day out. Make sure that you get your transmission flushed ev…Read More

  8. 4 Tips To Keep Your Transmission Healthy

    The transmission is by far the most important piece of the puzzle that needs to be in good standing condition to make sure your car is running efficiently and without problem. If you aren’t very keen with cars, know that you can turn to your transmission specialists from Kearny Mesa. Here at Kearny Mesa Automotive, you can get all of the transmission tips and advice that you need to make sure your car is running in outstanding condition. Here are the first of many great tips that you can make sure to follow to ensure your transmission is cared for correctly. Make sure to never overfill your …Read More

  9. Oil Myths Debunked Continued..

    If you’ve been following our fun and informative blog series, then you are already aware that giving your car regular oil changes can be very healthy for your car, and that there are many ‘facts’ about engine oil that are down right wrong! We’re going to give you the final myths on engine oil, so that you can feel more confident the next time you get your oil changed with our car repair and transmission specialists in Kearny Mesa. Adding additives to your engine oil will make your car’s performance better! This couldn’t be farther from the truth, mainly because the oil that you’v…Read More

  10. Engine Oil Facts Debunked

    In our previous post, we gave you three awesome ways that oil changes can help your car stay healthy! Today we will be giving you engine oil myths that you may have fallen for in the past. We’re going to set things straight once and for all, so the next time you need an oil change, you can trust your gut and know what’s going on in the repair shop here in Kearny Mesa. Contrary to popular belief, the “W”  in the oil you’re looking at purchasing doesn’t actually mean weight, it means winter. For example, a 10W-30 means the viscosity of the oil is 30 and the 10W is the rating for col…Read More