1. Beat the Summer

    With the rest of the country absolutely freaking out about the subzero temperatures and all that, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about maintenance that should be done before we get to the really hot time of year. Of course that is a little ways off but it will come around soon enough. Like many of those people up north have to perform all sorts of rituals to get their vehicles ready for winter, those of us that live in San Diego should think about summer the same way. How many times have you been on the 805 and passed a car spewing white smoke from the engine compartment…Read More

  2. Transmission Fluid Change

    Last time, we talked about the fluids in your car and the effect they could have on your trip to Grandma's house this holiday season. At Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission we want all of our customers and neighbors to have a worry-free holiday season filled with family and friends. The last thing you want to worry about is your car when out shopping or enjoying your time off. With over 30 years in the business, Kearny Mesa Automotive can help you worry less and give you confidence that your car is in top shape. Whether you bring your car in for an oil change or something much more complex…Read More

  3. Importance of Maintaining Your Transmission Fluid

    It’s hard to picture your car running without a transmission. Your transmission is one of the essential aspects of your car’s engine, an essential aspect of your car’s ability to run. Your transmission can either be automatic or manual. The transmission is to ensure that the car is given the right amount of power so wheels can be driven at a desired, given speed. A manual transmission, in simple terms, is a similar process to shifting gears on your bike. You adjust the gear shifter, and the transmission reflects that adjustment. An automatic transmission automatically knows that you are …Read More

  4. Items to Always Have Stashed in Your Car – Part 2

    In our last blog post, we covered a few of the items that you should make sure you always have in your car, and while they were all important items, they aren’t the only items that you should do your best to keep around. We have dug up a few other items that will always prove to be helpful when you’ve got them handy in your vehicle. Reflective Triangles In the chance that you are in an accident or your car breaks down, it’s always great to have reflective triangles that can make it known that your car is there so that any other passing cars see it before it gets hit. This is also a great…Read More

  5. Items to Always Have Stashed in Your Car

    We’ve all been there, on the side of the road with a flat tire or in a parking garage with no starter cables. These situations are some of the most helpless ones that you can find yourself in. You sit and wait for someone to ask if you need help, maybe call AAA or, maybe, if you’re feeling desperate enough you ask someone if they’ve got a set of jumper cables they can help you get up and running with. These situations, while entirely unexpected, are the ones that teach us the lessons on what to have in order to always be prepared. At Kearny Mesa Auto, we have worked on quite a few cars t…Read More

  6. Signs of a Troubled Transmission

    Many car owners’ worst fear is their vehicle’s transmission slipping. It can be a costly repair that should only be completed by transmission repair specialists, such as those here at Kearny Mesa Automotive. Because catching the fail before it happens is better than catching it too late, our transmission repair specialists have prepared today’s blog to provide readers with the information they need: Signs of a failing transmission. Signs Your Car’s Transmission Needs TLC Fluid Leaks Fluid leaks are an obvious sign that your car’s transmission needs to have a transmission repair speci…Read More

  7. Tips To Keep Your Car Running This Summer

    It’s important to keep your car running as smoothly as possible, from the inside-out. Whether you’re taking a road trip across the country or commuting to and from work each day, your car should be prepared well for spring and summer months here in Kearny Mesa. In our previous blog, we started giving readers some of the easiest tasks to complete to make sure their cars are running flawlessly. These tasks included removing leftover salt from the cooler months and having the suspension and alignment checked for problems. Here are more tips to keep your car in absolute pristine condition: Get…Read More

  8. Stay Charged & Reflective

    Staying prepared for anything is something that people can’t take for granted. You never know when an emergency might pop up out of nowhere. Because of this, your local auto repair specialists in Kearny Mesa have been giving you ideas of what to include in your emergency kit in your vehicle. Previously, we mentioned a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher. Here are more items that you shouldn’t ever drive without! Reflective Warning Triangles Chances are, you won’t have to use those three reflective triangles that you keep in your car, but if you get a flat tire or your car overheats, yo…Read More

  9. Transmission Signs you Should Never Ignore

    What duties do you have to complete each day? Do you have to drop your kids off at school, go to work, pick up dinner on your way home, and grab your kids from soccer practice? That’s a busy day in Kearny Mesa! Now imagine trying to complete all of these duties without your vehicle. We understand that it’s a nightmare even thinking about having a broken down car, which is why your transmission repair specialists are here to give you signs that your transmission may be on its way out. Being in Neutral Shouldn’t Be Noisy! Is your car’s transmission becoming noisy? No matter if noise is h…Read More

  10. Is your Car’s Transmission Acting Out?

    Every car has a transmission. Without a transmission your car wouldn’t be able to drive, or even turn on for that matter. In fact, can you imagine if your transmission went out in your car? How would you pick up the kids, get to work and complete everything you need to do in a day? Because we want you to live a stress-free life, it’s important to know the most common signs that your car’s transmission is failing. Your Car Won’t Go Into Gear If your car won’t go into gear, there’s a problem. If you’re experiencing problems with your car’s gears, it’s time to seek out help from…Read More