Image of a broken down vehicle

Local auto repair is something that many car owners will have to endure at some point in time. Although many of us are hoping it’s never us that’s broken down on the side of the road, one day it might be our turn. Because of this, the experts at Kearny Mesa Automotive are providing you with some items that you should be storing in your car in case of an emergency, especially with the cooler temperatures from winter swooping in.


Flares are an easy way for people to know that you’re there. If you’re stranded on a dirt road or you’re off the beaten path, rescuers will be able to locate you much easier when you have flares lit up as a signal.

A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a necessity that every driver should have tucked away in their trunk. You truly will never know when you will need your first aid kit. Whether there is an accident that occurred right in front of you, or you have an emergency of your own, a first aid kit can be extremely helpful in these situations. Just make sure you’re well aware on how to use everything in your first aid kit.

Dried Foods and Water

You never know when a little snack will be needed, especially if you’re stranded. If your car decides to break down when you’re least expecting it, which always tends to happen, then you better be prepared. Stay prepared by having dried foods and extra water in your car to keep yourself from going hungry until help reaches you.