Image of exhaust pipes working on a car

It can sometimes seem like every year that passes brings on its heels a whole new set of rules and regulations. Such is the way of the world we live in these days, but many of the new laws San Diego will welcome in this year are a wide variety of regulations, from texting and driving to building safety. One regulation that we are very familiar with at Kearny Mesa Automotive is that which dictates emissions standards or more commonly known as a smog check. Regardless of what you think about the smog check it is actually quite a groundbreaking campaign, not only in the nation but throughout the world.


CARB, an incredibly fortunate acronym for the California Air Resources Board, is the governing body which determines vehicle emissions standards. It is unique in the fact that CARB can dictate the standards to be followed in California. Meaning that California has complete sovereignty over its emission laws while the rest of the country falls under the umbrella of the EPA emissions standards. Incidentally, the CARB standards are some of the toughest in the country and can at times feel like the most restrictive. Fortunately, all of the regulations are designed to provide decreased vehicle emissions and less pollution in the air, which is better for all of us.  


When many think of vehicle emissions, the tendency is to picture and old junker spewing smoke out of the tailpipe. Fortunately that is not very common anymore and the prevalence of emissions laws is a big reason for that. Of course we all love classic cars with no chance of passing emissions, fortunately the powers-that-be recognized the treasure that classic, gas guzzling hotrods do for our culture. Southern California was where hot rodding was born and it would be a disservice to let it fade away. Fortunately the CARB laws left the emissions compliance for new vehicles up to the manufacturer. Soon the California emissions standards were being adopted by the automotive manufacturing community and we now have what is known of as 50 state legal vehicles.


As good as today’s vehicles are, they are still mechanical and mechanical things tend to break. Unless your vehicle has an extended warranty on emissions components you are solely responsible for the maintenance of the emissions system. The modern emissions system can have any number of sensors, each with its own unique job. If one of the sensors is malfunctioning, the entire system could be rendered useless and vehicle damage can result. Fortunately Kearny Mesa Auto is your most trusted local mechanic specializing in emissions controls and much more. We have been providing the finest automotive service and repair for the majority of the modern emissions era. We are a CARB smog check facility, unique in the fact that we can perform your smog check and repair your emissions system if it needs it. Of course, the best medicine is prevention, and the experts at Kearny Mesa Automotive can keep your vehicle in top shape year round. Contact us today for an appointment to have your vehicle inspected and your smog check performed.