Image of mechanic measuring battery life on a vehicle

When following our blogs, you have probably realized that our local auto repair shop in Kearny Mesa can give your car all of the repairs it needs, so that you can drive safely and without a faulty vehicle out on the road. If you have already read our previous blog stating that we have the most reliable, highly experienced and certified transmission specialists in the area, then you are probably wondering what the signs are that you will need a transmission repair in the first place. To piece things together for you, you should know that the transmission is the part of the engine that transmits mechanical power from a gear system under the hood of your car. Signs that point to your transmission going out on you are as follows:

  1. You have trouble getting your car to go into gear.
  2. Smelling a burning smell. The burning smell is transmission fluid, which isn’t something you want to be smelling.
  3. Your transmission is being very noisy, even when it is not in gear.
  4. Are your gears not staying in gear? This is a sure sign that your transmission is starting to make a turn for the worst.
  5. Are you spotting puddles? Leaking transmission fluid from your car is another sign that you can’t be caught ignoring.

Though the above signs are just a few of the most obvious that your car’s transmission is going out, there are many more. Be sure you give our transmission specialists a call as soon as you notice any of these signs above, and schedule your appointment with us today!