Wind Noise? What Wind Noise?

Here’s the truth; Yes. YES, OK? I admit it! We hear the wind noise your car makes. I know most mechanics will tell you either A) there is no noise, or B) there is nothing to be done about it. Well, it drives us nuts, too! It is impossible to get rid of every little wind noise a car makes and you could spend hours chasing them all down. However, I may be able to share a little trick that has always worked for me.

If you have a slight wind noise, not a whistling or blowing, which may be something else entirely; try switching your air vent setting to “re-circulate”. This causes a slight pressure to build in the car and forces the windows to expand just enough to form a seal between the glass and door frame. Now, if you have a BIG noise or a continuous whistle, it may be something else and you might want to bring your car in. Remember; every problem has a solution; it’s whether or not you want to fix it bad enough to find the solution. Never accept anything less from your mechanic.

Give  ‘Em Something To Chew On

Repeatedly, I get cars in that have chewed up wires or hoses…it’s from mice! Rodents seek out a warm and comfortable hiding place in the evenings.

Unfortunately for you, this means the little corners of your engine. Once, I even had to clean out a stash of dog food a particularly industrious little guy was hoarding. A quick and easy way to keep your engine rodent-free is to cut off a piece of bar soap and place it on the edge of the strut towers – this is a little shelf (can’t miss it). The varmints don’t like the smell and will stay clear. Just a little down-home advice. It’s free and easy…and can save you tons of money on repairs down the road.