Wind Noise? What Wind Noise?

Here’s the truth; Yes. YES, OK? I admit it! We hear the wind noise your car makes. I know most mechanics will tell you either:

A) There is no noise

B) There is nothing to be done about it.

C) Refer to A and B

Well, it drives us nuts, too! It is impossible to get rid of every little wind noise a car makes and you could spend hours chasing them all down. However, I may be able to share a little trick that has always worked for me.

If you have a slight wind noise, not a whistling or blowing, which may be something else entirely; try switching your air vent setting to “re-circulate”. This causes a slight pressure to build in the car and forces the windows to expand just enough to form a seal between the glass and door frame. Now, if you have a BIG noise or a continuous whistle, it may be something else and you might want to bring your car in. Remember; every problem has a solution; it’s whether or not you want to fix it bad enough to find the solution. Never accept anything less from your mechanic.

Give  ‘Em Something To Chew On

Repeatedly, I get cars in that have chewed up wires or hoses…it’s from mice! Rodents seek out a warm and comfortable hiding place in the evenings.

Unfortunately for you, this means the little corners of your engine. Once, I even had to clean out a stash of dog food a particularly industrious little guy was hoarding. A quick and easy way to keep your engine rodent-free is to cut off a piece of bar soap and place it on the edge of the strut towers – this is a little shelf (can’t miss it). The varmints don’t like the smell and will stay clear. Just a little down-home advice. It’s free and easy…and can save you tons of money on repairs down the road.