Image of a mechanic reaching into an engine block

If you’ve been following our fun and informative blog series, then you are already aware that giving your car regular oil changes can be very healthy for your car, and that there are many ‘facts’ about engine oil that are down right wrong! We’re going to give you the final myths on engine oil, so that you can feel more confident the next time you get your oil changed with our car repair and transmission specialists in Kearny Mesa.

Oil Myths

  • Adding additives to your engine oil will make your car’s performance better! This couldn’t be farther from the truth, mainly because the oil that you’ve purchased should already have the additives it needs to give your car the performance boost you want. Adding other additives that you buy alongside your oil are not necessary, and they can actually end up making the oil less effective.
  • If you’ve heard that synthetic oils for your engine can cause oil leaks, turn the other way! Because of past mistakes that were made back in the 1970s, synthetic oil got a bad reputation for causing oil leaks. With many years of engineering and formulation, synthetic oil isn’t a problem any more. We recommend using them on cars within the past 15 years though, because synthetic oil has a history of removing sludge from nuts and bolts, revealing small imperfections, which can cause your car to leak synthetic oil.

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