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If there is one thing that we know at Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission it is.. well… transmissions. The transmission is one of the most dynamic parts of your vehicle and it is critical that your transmission is not neglected when it is time for the service interval. At Kearny Mesa Automotive in San Diego, we are the most trusted automotive and transmission repair shop — and we have over 30 years of experience working on a wide variety of transmissions.

We are equipped to repair transmissions from just about any manufacturer, from Hyundai to BMW to Kia, we can fix them all — and that includes regular service intervals recommended by the manufacturer as well. One of the most important things you can do is follow the scheduled maintenance chart for your vehicle, not just for your transmission but the overall health of your vehicle. Many times these checkups can identify potential problems and actually prevent breakdowns out on the road. One of your vehicle components most likely to fail without maintenance is your transmission; let’s look at common types of transmissions out there and why they can fail.  

The Manual Transmission

The old school manual transmission is sadly going the way of the dinosaur and ten-cent hamburgers. While many performance and sports cars still utilize a manual transmission, they are becoming increasingly rare. The way a manual transmission works is through direct feedback from the driver. You are literally controlling the transfer of power to the wheels with each shift. It works like this: The clutch is attached directly to the clutch pedal, which is attached to the rear of the engine. Basically, the clutch allows you to quickly disconnect the engine and transmission from one another. The clutch also allows for a degree of slippage and smooth transfer of power to the rest of the drivetrain. This disconnect allows you to shift gears smoothly without damaging the transmission.

Gear Ratios

Each gear you shift into reduces the gear ratio, meaning that the transfer of power is much greater in order to build up the speed of the vehicle. While this may seem somewhat complicated, it really only is a process of gears of different sizes running against each other. In essence, first gear is what would be considered a low gear and makes it easy to bring the car up to speed from a complete stop. Every time you change gears with the gear shifter you are modifying the ratio by selecting different sizes of gears.

Manual Transmission Fluid

For the everyday driver, the only thing you need to know is a manual transmission is completely dependent on the fluid for proper operation. The gears fling oil around to lubricate and cool the transmission and if the transmission fluid is not clean or has an excess of damaging particles the transmission is at risk of failure. So whether that was clear or not, the takeaway from this blog should be: pay attention to your manual transmission change intervals and Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission is your local transmission repair specialists. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment. Next up, the automatic transmission.