Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission repair

transmissionblog-image1It’s hard to picture your car running without a transmission. Your transmission is one of the essential aspects of your car’s engine, an essential aspect of your car’s ability to run. Your transmission can either be automatic or manual. The transmission is to ensure that the car is given the right amount of power so wheels can be driven at a desired, given speed. A manual transmission, in simple terms, is a similar process to shifting gears on your bike. You adjust the gear shifter, and the transmission reflects that adjustment.

An automatic transmission automatically knows that you are switching gears, and does everything for you. So, with your transmission essentially providing a necessary task for your engine to properly run, you may be beginning to understand why it is important to maintain.

When you bring your car in for scheduled maintenance, your transmission and transmission fluid are always included, especially at Kearny Mesa. Transmission fluid is different than your engine oil, and is something very difficult to change without understanding transmissions or being a service technician. Bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance helps maintain your transmission and transmission fluid, and ultimately benefits the life of your car.

The transmission fluid is an essential aspect of your transmission running efficiently. Transmission fluid is used to lubricate your transmission in order for it to run smoothly. The transmission fluid also helps with rotational speed and temperature range, kind of acting as a coolant. It cleans and protects the metal surfaces in your transmission from depleting, and helps condition gaskets, which seals two different sections in your transmission. Transmission fluid is a vital aspect in creating a long life for you car and to ensure it operates at optimum capacity. However, there are various different types of transmission fluid. It is best to ask an automotive specialist, like at Kearny Mesa Automotives, to acquire the necessary transmission fluid for your vehicle. Maintaining transmission fluid is imperative to maintaining your transmission itself, so be sure to to get your car regularly checked up on for routine maintenance.

Checking the fluid level is also something you should personally take up on your own, as you may simply forget about servicing your car, and your transmission can take a beating because of it.

transmissionblog-image2A manual transmission fluid change is simpler than an automatic, but still requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge that the normal car owner does not contain. A manual transmission fluid contains a mix of base oil and additives. It is an important function to ensure that when switching gears, they are properly lubricated for effective transmission performance. An automatic transmission fluid change is very similar to a manual, but instead, helps lubricate gears for when your vehicle automatically switches gears. Most automatic transmission fluids have chemicals that cater to the needs of each transmission. Though a car may be the same model, years can affect what transmission fluid is utilized, so be sure to be familiar with your car’s transmission by either looking in the car’s handbook, or speaking with a professional automotive service technician.

When it comes to maintaining your car, transmission fluid is an essential aspect of ensuring your car runs smoothly. Just like engine oil, transmission fluid is necessary for your car’s overall health. Transmissions are complex, and it’s best to leave maintaining them to transmission experts. At Kearny Mesa Automotive, we have over 30 years of experience working on transmission, with master technicians certified to both work on foreign and domestic transmissions. Contact us today for transmission maintenance or repair, as well as other automotive repair needs. Visit our website to learn more.