If you’re not extremely knowledgeable with cars, chances are that you sort out the importance of auto maintenance. Not sure what we mean? Oil changes are a must, we all know that they need to happen roughly once a month or every 3000 miles; easy to remember. Same goes for the times that that daunting check engine light comes on, that calls for an immediate visit to the repair shop. But what is the case for tire rotation?

Most maintenance visits will include this service in their checklist, but if that weren’t the case, do you know how often you should be getting your tires rotated?

What is tire rotation?

As the name suggests, tire rotation is the act of moving the tires and wheels of your car from one fixed position, to another. This act is done to enforce even wear on the tires, which in turns extends the life of the tires you purchase.

Why do tires need to be rotated?

The weight of your car is disbursed differently depending on your car and what it is that you use it for. When this happens, the tires of our car wear down and cut down on the life expectancy of the tires, which increases the chances of a popped tire and can almost guarantee that they won’t last as long.

How often should tires be rotated?

Like we said, most places will rotate your tires when you come in for auto repair, but knowing how often they should be rotated and making note of when they last were is extremely beneficial for you because you’ll avoid the chances of them wearing down as quickly. We suggest getting your tires rotated every six months at the most, or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. This differs for each person on which comes faster, but if you’re using your car to carry heavy loads, it’s always good to get them rotated sooner than later.

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