Image Of Various Tire Dimensions and Treads

tire replaceWhen you live in San Diego, it’s hard to deny that a majority of time spent is on the road. Between the traffic and the long drives from one spot to the next, our car definitely gets quite a bit of miles on it. In our last blog post we touched on the importance of wheel rotation and the effect that it can have on your car, but today we are going to talk about another element of car efficiency and safety, and that’s your tires.

Replacing Your Tires

Replacement tires aren’t cheap, especially if you’re looking for tires that are going to last you a long time. While they aren’t always the most affordable purchase, they’re definitely a purchase that requires attention at a certain point. If you haven’t had your tires replaced in a minute or you’re wondering whether or not your tires need replacement, these are a few components that will help you determine whether or not it’s time for you to head down to a tire shop and get a new set.

Bald Tires

The longer that tires are driven on, the more likely they are to bald. You’ve likely heard this term before, but maybe you weren’t sure what it meant. A bald tire means that it has been worn to the point where there is no longer any tread. This means that driving instantly becomes unsafe and can lead to sliding while driving or braking.

Count Your Miles

After a certain amount of mileage it’s just time to give in and accept that it’s time for some new tires. We usually see people getting new tires around 12,000 to 15,000 miles and then it’s time for some new tires. While proper rotation tactics and techniques can help reduce the chances of needing these tires sooner rather than later, we do suggest giving in around this mileage count.

Regardless of how stubborn you are when it comes to bigger purchases with your vehicle, this is one that you certainly need to get on. Call Kearny Auto Repair and schedule your appointment today.