Image Of a Happy Holiday Car Shopper


Thankfully the holiday season is upon us. This time of year brings to mind gatherings with family, friends, and coworkers. It is at the same time stressful and joyful with all of the commitments, dinners, and parties to attend. The last thing you want to worry about is your car. The professionals at Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission want you to know that we are here for you through the holidays and beyond. We are proud to have served the people of San Diego in 2018 and look forward to what 2019 will bring. Regardless, we will still be your trusted, local automotive and transmission shop keeping your vehicles up and running all year long.

Don’t Worry About Your Car This Holiday

As we said before, the last thing you want to worry about this holiday season is your car. A breakdown could mean missing important obligations, and who wants that? Now is the ideal time to bring your car into Kearny Mesa Automotive and Transmission to have that nagging issue resolved. If you have been putting off taking in your car for one problem or another, we urge you, do not wait until it becomes a bigger issue, especially if you are planning on travelling for the holidays. It is always better to embark on a journey, whether it is only to grandma’s house or across the country, with the confidence of a reliable vehicle. But what if your vehicle is reliable and has never let you down? While we would all like to think that the worst will not happen, you car could be ready for a breakdown. Here are a few things to look for before you take your car on a road trip.


Your vehicle has quite a few different fluids that control, regulate, or protect a portion of the mechanical system. Fluids, like anything, wear out over time and when that happens the protective characteristics of the fluids begin to become less effective.


Coolant/antifreeze is how your engine stays at just the right temperature to be efficient and at the same time, avoid blowing up. Dirty or used up antifreeze can be responsible for all sorts of issues if not corrected. Let us check out your antifreeze to see if a change is in order.


We all have been instructed at one time or another to check your oil regularly. While that may be all well and good, paying attention to the condition of your oil is a good indicator of engine health. Let us read your oil for you while we do an oil change.

Be sure and check back next time as we dig deeper into the fluids, wear items and more, that can indicate a more serious issue. In the meantime, if you have an concern about your vehicle, or just need a comprehensive checkup and oil change, Kearny Mesa Automotive is your hometown auto shop. Contact us today for the best appointment slots and drive through the holidays in confidence.