Image of someone detailing a car's nice rims

dreamstime_8228863It can be difficult to keep your car in pristine condition all day, every day. But when you put your trust in the auto repair mechanics at Kearny Mesa Automotive, you’ll be able to stay calm, and drive on. Because the heat of San Diego takes a toll on us all, we wanted to give you ways you can protect your car in extreme heat that we can’t get away from. Take advantage of our tips below and turn to your local auto repair shop if you need help!

Pay attention to your car’s battery.

Although cars batteries are tough, heat has been known to drain the life out of a car battery. To avoid heat draining your vehicle’s battery, make sure that you’re keeping it clean, and test it from time to time to make sure it’s still fully charged.

Give your car regular washes.

Keep your vehicle in tip top shape by making sure you bathe it regularly. Getting all of the dirt and debris off the surface of your car can help to eliminate any scrapes and scratches on the topcoat. Preventing damage to your car’s topcoat of paint now can help prevent damages in the future.

Park in a shady spot.

Just like you and I, your car will also appreciate a nice chunk of shade to relax in. Keeping the sun off of your car will help to keep the interior temperature down, which can prolong the life of your seats, not to mention saving your legs from getting scorched upon entering your car.