Image of tires moving through snow

Are you planning on taking a road trip anytime soon? Understandably, the weather here in Kearny Mesa doesn’t get too crazy, but if you are driving to a climate where you aren’t very experienced, you could end up with some car troubles that you’ve never run into before! According to, here are the most common car problems that folks experience in the cold winter climates that you’re traveling to.

Frozen Screen Washers

Although this doesn’t classify as a breakdown, your screenwash additive may cause you some problems wherever you’re traveling this winter. To avoid this, fill your car’s washer fluid with one that can’t freeze.  

Frozen Wipers

Not used to snow and ice? No problem! Don’t operate your windshield wipers if they’re frozen solid to your windshield. Although it won’t damage your windshield, your wipers could end up tearing and even blowing a fuse in a more vital system, if you try to operate them while they’re stuck in place. Be sure you warm them up and defrost the windshield before operating them to avoid this problem.

Frozen Engine

If you live in a warm climate, chances are you aren’t too worried about the antifreeze in your vehicle’s engine. Make sure that you’re still getting it checked regularly at our local repair shop in Kearny Mesa. You don’t want to be stuck with a frozen engine in the cold of the winter on vacation!

Don’t go anywhere just yet! We still have great winter tips for your trip coming up! Contact the leading local repair shop in Kearny Mesa now for your auto appointment!