Image of ice partially scraped off a windshield

If you’ve been planning a trip to a winter wonderland, you must first know all about winter breakdowns that may occur if you bring your Kearny Mesa vehicle along with you. In our previous post, the #1 repair shop, Kearny Mesa Automotive, started giving drivers some of the most common car problems that cause breakdowns by extreme cold, here are a few more.

Stripped Teeth

Did you know that your car’s water pump can freeze in extreme weather? If your vehicle’s’ water pump becomes frozen, your engine may strip the teeth off of the timing belt, which could lead to expensive internal engine damage.

Frozen Windows

Watch out if you have ice on your windows! Whatever you do, don’t try to roll down your car’s windows when they’re frozen. This will only cause windows to become detached from the mechanism inside the door that powers them. Doing this can cause your window to fall by not being supported. The best practice is to leave the windows up until all of the ice is melted off.

Frozen Door Locks and Seals

It can be incredibly difficult to keep water out of door locks and seals, but it can be easy if you smear vaseline or a silicone polish on the seals. Door locks can be easy to clear by keeping snow off the locks, but be sure that you’re keeping them clear regularly.

If you have any problems with your car on your winter trip, be sure to give our repair shop in Kearny Mesa a call!