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When you need a mechanic, and you have not built a relationship with Kearny Mesa Automotive already, it can be a bit stressful choosing who to work on your car or truck. After all, your vehicle is probably one of the most important things that you own. It is a valuable tool to take you to work, get the kids to school and provide valuable transportation for your family. Your car is also a way to get away and maybe hit the beach or take a road trip. As Americans we depend on our cars for just about everything that we do and cars this day and age are generally pretty bulletproof. The issues that plagued our grandparents are seemingly rare. Years ago, tires blew out constantly and nearly everyone knew how to change a tire, substandard cooling systems used to overheat, spewing barely effective antifreeze into the air, and engines that ran on leaded gasoline were subject to breaking internal parts.

Thankfully, those dark days are long gone and automotive engineering has finally provided vehicles that are exceptionally reliable and need little than required maintenance to keep them running for 100 thousand miles or more. The story of a young man’s car breaking down in a distant town and settling there, are part of the mythology of this country. These days, that sort of thing rarely happens, due to the reliability of the vehicles we drive. Which makes it even more important to have a quality mechanic to depend on when something does go wrong. Take a moment to read over the options list on a brand new vehicle and you will find much more than simply a set of floor mats. New vehicles have all sorts of safety features, performance enhancements and monitoring systems, all of which are controlled by between three and five computers. These computers, although extremely convenient, can create issues on their own making it even more important to find a mechanic with relevant experience and skill.


You have probably heard about ASE Certified Mechanics but what exactly does that mean? This designation is reserved for mechanics that have completed many hours of training and proven themselves to be worthy of carrying the title. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence and provides a benchmark for customers to look for when looking for a good mechanic. Not to say that the ASE patch is only for the customer, but also as a way for the mechanic to display their prowess for all to see. ASE certification consists of a series of tests that cover nine different aspects of automotive repair. Engines, transmissions, brakes, electrical and even diesel repair are all subjects and part of the battery of tests. A new mechanic cannot walk in and sign up for an ASE exam, in order to be allowed to take the tests the mechanic must have verifiable experience in the industry. Once the mechanic has enough experience, they are allowed to take the series of nine tests to attempt to pass all of them. Now an ASE certification does not necessarily mean that a mechanic has passed all nine tests and it is possible to be ASE certified on only one specific category. Upon passing all nine exams the mechanic is awarded an ASE Master Technician designation and must retake the tests every five years.

Master Certified

Why is this relevant to Kearny Mesa Automotive? Because we just so happen to be one of San Diego’s ASE Master Certified Technicians. Consider our over 30 years of experience, our commitment to our customers and the way we do business with integrity, and you have one of the finest automotive repair shops in San Diego. So if you need a proven, certified mechanic to get you back on the road again, give Kearny Mesa Automotive a call today and begin a relationship with one of the best.