Image of mechanic measuring battery life on a vehicle

Taking care of your car can be a drag, especially if you aren’t that into cars. But, you don’t need to be into cars to make sure your car gets the care that it needs to last for years to come. If you’re looking to keep your transmission running smoothly and keep your car from the local auto repair shop in Kearny Mesa, then you need to make sure you give your car the oil changes that it is in need of. Many people don’t realize how much an oil change can help your vehicle to main a healthy status, so today we’ll be giving you some information that you may not know about how oil changes can benefit your car.

Steps to a Healthy Vehicle

  • Making sure that your car gets oil changes when they are due can increase the life of the engine. The engine of your car can fail if it is not properly lubed with oil, therefore, oil changes need to happen regularly if you want many years out of your car!
  • In the end, getting regular oil changes can actually save you money. If you properly care for your car like you should every few months, then you won’t need to visit your local auto repair shop for fixes that could have been prevented from oil changes.
  • Unfortunately emissions tests are making a comeback. New cars as well as old ones need to go through an emissions test in many different counties. If you don’t treat your car to an oil change, you could possibly fail your next emissions test, so don’t risk it!

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